Regulation (EU) No. 1321/2014 determines the rules for the continuing airworthiness and maintenance of aircraft subject to EASA regulation. Part M Subpart G of this regulation concerns the management of continuing airworthiness of EASA aircraft.. Organisations approved to Part M Subpart G can additionally be approved to make recommendations to a competent authority that an Airworthiness Review


Please note that Type Certificate Data Sheets (TCDS) for UK manufacturers will be reviewed in due time and updated accordingly. Search. Product type.

Commercial Designation . Part -66 Type rating endorsement . EC 635 T1 EC 635 T2 + Series MBB -BK 117 A Series Eurocopter MBB -BK 117 A/B (Honeywell LTS 101) MBB -BK 117 B TC/STC holder to install engines/cylinder heads with CT measurement instead of the previous CHT measurement. If no approved modification can be identified for the installation of affected engines or spare parts, do not install them and contact the aircraft TC/STC holder for further instructions. (b) for EASA, directly to the TC holders, who then are responsible to report to the EASA PCM per applicable EASA procedures. 3.4 Unsafe Conditions and Mandatory Continuing Airworthiness Information (1) The Competent Authorities agree to perform the following activities for the civil aeronautical products for which they function as the State of Design: TC and STC holders are responsible to provide operating limitations in case they have approved the use of Kathon™ FP 1.5 biocide for their type design (change).

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Regulations similar to EASA's are being adopted by global national aviation  22 Mar 2016 Confirm revision status through the EASA-Internet/Intranet. An agency of DATA SHEET. EASA.A.606 for. VIPER SD-4.

(3) Figure 2-2 illustrates the process EASA will use to accept/approve U.S. repair design data. (4) Repair Data from TC/STC Holder and on Non-Critical Components from Other than the TC/STC Holder: EASA will use a streamlined process to accept data for 7

GROUP 1 HELICOPTERS TC holder Model . Commercial Designation . Part -66 Type rating endorsement .

With the promulgation of EMAR 21 in the European Military aviation industry, this paper focuses on EASA/EMAR 21 Subpart B, which concerns the role and responsibilities of the Type Certificate Holder (TCH).

8 Jun 2015 requirements, which was primarily based on EASA Part-145 regulation. type certificate holder /aircraft or engine or propeller manufacturer in  4.2 EASA and the Type Certificate Holder may be required to provide such further information as CAAS may require. 4.3 CAAS will issue a Letter of Acceptance  EASA.IM(import).A(Aircraft).120. Av EASA validerat TC. Ej utfört certifieringen själva, men kan ha In addition, once the STC is approved, the STC holder must:. To designate a part as a standard part the TC holder may issue a standard parts manual accepted by the competent authority of original TC holder or may make  EASA.A.098.

there are different levels of eaSa Doa authorization. For example, basic Doa allows the holder to classify major or minor repairs and approve minor repairs only. a tc/Stc holder with an eaSa Doa can also approve both major and minor repairs. For EASA validation of TSO, the TSO approval holder must make the application via the FAA Aircraft Certification Office (ACO) that issued the original TSO approval.
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Tc holder easa

6. Items purchased in batches (fasteners etc.) should be supplied in a o As the OSD reports are certified under Part 21, these are now OEM (TC Holder) documents rather than publicly available documents via the EASA website as it used to be in “(J)OEB-times”.

1-EASA Part 145, (Issued by EASA or its member states) or 2-FAR Part 145, or 3-UK CAA Part 145, (Including UK CAA EASA approvals issued before 1st January 2021) or 4- IOMAR AMO approval holder. 2.1 Base Maintenance & Line Maintenance The Isle of Man Aircraft Registry identifies a generic “Class Validation” status to enable all approved Approval of minor changes and minor repairs by the DOA holder and also major repairs by the (S)TC DOA holder. Submittal of compliance data to the Agency for approval of major changes/repairs.
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For those non-EU TC holders based in a country – which is also the state of design – where there is a bilateral agreement signed with the European Union, the following provisions apply: USA: repair data approved or accepted under FAAs system are considered to be EASA approved; no application to EASA is required. ALL TC Holders & Types. List of publications Displaying records 1 to 20 out of a total of 15746 publications.

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av M Ahmad · 2012 — 1.2 Syfte PAM följer idag EASA Part-145 och har som mål att bli en Holder Type Certificate Type Certificate Data Sheet Type Certificate Holder ix PART 0 0.1 

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Type Certificate Holder's. Aviation Authority. JAR-OPS 1 Joint Aviation Requirements - Commercial Air. Transportation - Aeroplane. EASA/SCAA. Part - 145 Joint 

See the TIP for details. OBTAINING AN EASA DESIGN APPROVAL . Prior-European approved products The TC reflects a determination made by a regulatory authority that the type design is in compliance with airworthiness requirements. Examples of regulatory authorities are the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC).

29 Dec 2020 Application for Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) This service allows the 3.14 The STC holder will notify EASA in writing, with HKCAD  OSD innebærer at designer (typesertifikatholder, heretter benevnt TC-holder) blir ansvarlig for OSD, og designer vil bli godkjent av EASA sammen med  Type Certificate Holder's. Aviation Authority.